Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Test Post of DESU

Alright, first post! Feel free to ignore it. I am jumping on the band wagon and starting a blog. Not that I don't like it, I planned to do something to record my adventure into the medical field and this is as good as any idea! Who knows, people might even read it...We'll see.

For now this blog will record the AMAZINGLY interesting life of a very stern shut-in of a student who is glued to technology 16 hours of the day and enjoys a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night. But that's not all! I am currently in the dazzling field of customer service for an unnamed flower distributor that has a very catchy phone number. This does not interfere with my shut-in lifestyle; I work out of my home and am able to wallow in the benefits of earning money naked without the risk of venereal disease.

As my profile says I am, indeed, a woman. I am also a geek which is why I did not list the music, movies, and books I like because it would only cause a great deal of confusion. I am happy with my geekhood and plan to uphold it for plenty of time to come. As an example DESU is a word used in the Japanese language, used in many animes for cute girly characters...I am not a cute girly character and I am afraid that if I go into an explanation of the flamboyantly gay grim reaper who wields a chainsaw and has inspired my use of the word I would scare away any potential reader before the blog is even in motion.

I think that's enough of my mind out in the open for now. I expect my personal flamboyant reaper will make sure I continue posting on this so lets see if I catch any interest!

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